Reactive Dyes

In this collection we have a variety of reactive dyes which have various applications like dyeing, padding and printing. Our dyes are also suitable for exhaust dyeing process and cold pad batch processes. With the help of our experienced team, we make them completely free from impurities. The dyes require mild alkaline condition for applications and are easy to apply. Our dyes are suitable for all types of cellulose materials. They have excellent stability when a solution or even when dry. We provide them in almost all colors and brilliant shades. These products are in high demand for their ability to provide good reproducibility in combination shades. We have designed these reactive dyes in accordance to industry standards using best quality materials.
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H Dyes Reactive

Reactive H Dyes are highly preferred by clients for use in printing and continuous dyeing applications. In addition, these dyes are also used in exhaust dyeing process. We make available these dyes for clients in a wide range of colors choices. Completely free from impurities, these dyes have excellent fastening to washing, light and perspiration. We offer these dyes to clients in excellent packing for ensuring safe transit at their ends.

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Reactive M Dyes

Our wide range of Reactive M Dyes is widely used in textile industry. Its prime application is in fabric dyeing. These dyes require milder alkaline condition for applications. The entire stock of dyes is formulated in compliance with industry standards using supreme quality compounds. Suitable for cellulosic textiles, these dyes have longer shelf life and excellent light fastness. We offer these dyes to clients at highly competitive prices.

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Reactive ME Dyes

Reactive ME Dyes highly are suitable for various application including padding, dyeing and printing. Ideal for all types of cellulosic material, these dyes offer high grade of fastness properties against washing, perspiration, hypochlorite and dischargeability. Best known among clients for their high degree of exhaustion and fixation rates, these dyes have good leveling properties and alkali stability. Owing to their low sensitivity to temperature, these dyes give highly reproducible dyeing.

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Reactive HE Dye

Best known for their ability to provide good reproducibility in combination shades, the offered Reactive HE Dye has excellent washing fastness property. Available for clients in a variety of shades, these are widely used for dyeing of cellulosic fibers through exhaust dyeing process at high temperature range. We formulate these dyes in accordance with industry standards using best quality compounds.

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Reactive VS Dyes

Reactive VS Dyes feature more than two different reactive groups within one molecule. Also known as reactive vinyl sulphone dyes, these are bifunctional dyes. The textile materials colored with these dyes have very good wash fastness. Highly suitable for exhaust dyeing and cold pad batch process; these dyes have excellent stability in dry state as well as neutral solutions. In addition, these are highly reactive with hydroxyl group of cellulose, forming firm and covalent linkages, yielding in brilliant shades.


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