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Industrial Chemicals
Application of this range of Industrial Chemicals can be noticed in metallurgy, textile, pharmaceutical and also in other industries. These chemical based substances are required for producing agrochemicals, detergents and other materials.
Industrial Acids
This range of Industrial Acids is used for producing edible products, plastics, soaps, chemicals etc. Stable properties, non toxic content and advanced formulation are some of their main features. We offer these acids at reasonable price.
Chemical Dyes
This array of Chemical Dyes is reckoned for its soluble quality and stable chemical characteristics. These dyes are used for coloring paper, textile items, leather materials etc. Formulation technique of these dyes conforms to global norms. 

Reactive Dyes
Reactive Dyes are applied on cellulose materials. Accessible in different colors, these dyes can be applied only when the required surface are slightly alkaline. Attributes of these dyes remain unaffected during their soluble or dry condition.
Direct Liquid Dyes
Made by using quality approved raw materials, this range of Direct Liquid Dyes is reckoned for its optimum solubility. These coloring substances can be stored for longer period. Free from all sorts of impurities, these dyes can be accessed at reasonable price from us.

Reactive M Dyes
Reactive M Dyes are widely used in textile arena. These are mainly used for cellulose fibers. Excellent colorfastness, optimum brightness and high reactivity are some of their main aspects. We offer these dyes at reasonable price.
Reactive HE Dyes
Offered collection of Reactive HE Dyes is used for coloring fibers of polyester, cotton, viscose and blended fabrics. These are also used to dye cellulose materials at maximum 85 degree C temperature.

Reactive H Dyes

Reactive H Dyes are known for their low reactivity level. These cost effective dyes are applied on cellulose fibers. Unique colorfastness, reasonable price and non toxic content are some of their main features. These dyes require high fixation temperature before application.

Reactive ME Dyes
Reactive ME Dyes are known for their multipurpose roles. These are applied on cellulose fibers. Good leavening attributes, high fixation rate and stable alkaline properties are their key features. These dyes are non toxic.

Reactive VS Dyes
Reactive VS Dyes are suitable for applying on cellulose fibers. These dyes are lightfast and these possess good wash characteristics. These are versatile and cost effective. Vibrant color, non toxic content and reasonable price are their main aspects.

Industrial Pigments
As natural coloring materials, Pigments are used to formulate cosmetics, paints, plastic items, inks etc. These environment friendly products are non soluble and have wide coloring varieties. Long storage life is one of their main aspects.

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